Origo & Co Pty Ltd trading as Daiso — Dental Products...Recall 2018/16602 22 Feb 2018 Toothpaste 333 Oral Shine MouthWash The products do not comply with the 'Trade Practices (Consumer Product Information Standards) (Cosmetics) Regulations 1991 Statutory Rules 1979 No. 237'. The products do not have En
22 Feb 2018
Trueway International — Ausganica Soothing Herbs Toothpaste...Recall 2017/16311 5 Sep 2017 Ausganica Soothing Herbs Toothpaste 130g All lots and batches Ausganica Soothing Herbs Toothpaste was marketed as a herbal medicine that enhances oral health This product may contain an ingredient that is a dange
05 Sep 2017
3M Pharmaceuticals—Difflam C Alcohol Free Solution...Recall 2002/5690 11 Sep 2002 Benzydamine HCL 0.15% 100mL Bottle. Used to treat painful inflamed oral conditions such as mouth ulcers. The batch number is located beside the Batch symbol on the top of the carton. Batch Number 7921A. Expiry Date: Febru
11 Sep 2002
3M Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd—Difflam Mouth Gel 10 gram tube...Recall 2002/5511 12 Jul 2002 Expiry June 2005. Aust R: 48597. Batch Nos: 8177B, 8177D - The batch number can be found on the sealed end of the tube below the batch symbol. (Used to treat painful inflamed oral conditions such as mouth ulcers).
12 Jul 2002
BleachBright—KeepBright Teeth Whitening Pen...Recall 2012/13341 23 Oct 2012 Pen-shaped applicator for teeth whitening None None The product contains concentrations of carbamide peroxide in excess of the recognised safe limit of 18% w/w, as set by the Poisons Standard 2011, expert clinical advice, and p
23 Oct 2012
Y W Dental Laboratory—AVC Periodontal Paste...Recall 2007/9042 13 Feb 2007 AVC Periodontal Paste ARTG number 122921. All batches. ARTG number 122921. All batches. Manufacture of the goods has been carried out by a manufacturer while the manufacturer did not hold a current licence and the goods have bee
13 Feb 2007
Farmer Charlie Stores Pty Ltd—Excel Brand Toothpaste 120gm...Recall 2007/9297 30 May 2007 Product sold at Farmer Charlies outlets in Yamba, Evans Head, Lismore and Ballina since March 2007. Product price $1.99.The product was on sale in all stores apart from Yamba from 12 March 2007 until 17 May 2007 a
30 May 2007
Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd—Oral-B Tooth & Gum Care Mouth Rinse...Recall 2011/12736 13 Jul 2011 All flavours and sizes All batches All batches The product contains out-of-specification microbial levels. The microbial level poses virtually no risk to healthy people. However, people with severely
13 Jul 2011
Prowhitening—Teeth Whitening Kit & Teeth Whitening Pen...Recall 2012/13089 30 Mar 2012 (1) Teeth-whitening kit (includes gum protector, mouth tray, brush-ups, bib, gloves and teeth whitening gel consisting of 22% carbamide peroxide) (2) Teeth-whitening pen (includes brush with gel consisting of 35% car
30 Mar 2012
Solaire Pty Ltd— Solaire Teeth-Whitener Carbamide Peroxide 44%...Recall 2012/13111 27 Apr 2012 Carbamide Peroxide 44% TCP44% TCP44% The good, as stated on the labeling, contains 44% carbamide peroxide, which exceed the safe limit of 18% weight/weight as set out in the Poisons Standard 2011, in document
27 Apr 2012