ALDI—Hillcrest Chewy Choc Squiggle Muesli Bars...Recall 2016/15503 4 Jul 2016 Hillcrest Chewy Choc Squiggle Muesli Bars 250g Best Before: 10May17 Best Before: 10May17 The recall is due to the presence of an undeclared allergen (peanuts) in the product. Any consumers who have a peanut allergy or intoler
04 Jul 2016
Accord United Pty Ltd—Glico Collon Strawberry and Chocolate Biscuits...Recall 2013/13680 31 Jul 2013 Strawberry Biscuits in pink cardboard box 54g Chocolate Biscuits in brown cardboard box 54g Best Before: 17.09.13 for strawberry biscuits Best Before: 30.09.13 for chocolate biscuits Best Before: 17.09.
31 Jul 2013
Carefour—‘beng-beng’ Chocolate Bar 500g Box...Recall 2013/13668 19 Jul 2013 ‘beng-beng’ chocolate bar 500g sold in box 25 x 20g units in a box All 'best before' dates up to an including: FEB 2014 All 'best before' dates up to an including: FEB 2014 The recall is due to the presence of undeclared allerg
19 Jul 2013
Metcash Trading Ltd—Liberty Gluten-Free Lamington Squares...Recall 2013/13546 15 Apr 2013 250g plastic tray of Liberty Gluten-Free Lamington Squares Country of origin: Australia Best before 04/06/13 Best before 04/06/13 Undeclared allergen (gluten). Any consumers who have a gluten allergy or intoleranc
15 Apr 2013
Aust Aria—HodHod Halva Shekari with Pistachio...Recall 2013/13640 17 Jun 2013 HodHod halva shekari with pistachio in a 400g plastic container Best Before 10/09/2014 Best Before 10/09/2014 The recall of the above product is due to Salmonella contamination. Food products contaminated with Salmonella may
17 Jun 2013
Jonny's Popcorn—Jonny's Popcorn Delights Choc Chip...Recall 2014/14124 23 May 2014 Popcorn, some pieces coated in chocolate. All Best Before dates up to and including 13/11/14. All Best Before dates up to and including 13/11/14. The possible presence of undeclared allergens (peanuts and tree nuts). Con
23 May 2014
Coles Supermarkets—Coles Brand Chocolate Easter Eggs & Bunnies (Recall Expanded)...Recall 2014/14052 10 Apr 2014 1. Coles Brand Easter Eggs Hollow Milk Chocolate 204g 12 Pack Carton 2. Coles Brand Milk Chocolate Easter Bag - Milk Chocolate Bunny & Hollow Eggs 300g Bag 3. Coles Brand 30 Easter Eggs Milk
10 Apr 2014
Sweet William Pty. Ltd — Various Sweet William Chocolates...Recall 2016/15588 8 Aug 2016 Sweet William Dairy Free Original 100g Sweet William Dairy Free Rice Crackle 50g Sweet William Dairy Free Original Mini 15 Packs Sweet William No added Sugar Original 50g Sweet William No Added Sugar Dark Velvet 50
08 Aug 2016
Lindsay & Edmunds — Lindsay & Edmunds dark chocolate Belgian hot chocolate stirrers...Recall 2016/15605 21 Aug 2016 Dark chocolate Belgian hot chocolate stirrers, 80g pack, supplied in a plastic bag with a cardboard wrap. All batches of product with a use by date up to and including 2 February 2018. Th
21 Aug 2016
Sony Trading Pty Ltd—Wong Coco Konnyaku Jelly and Wong Coco Mini Jelly Nata de Coco...Recall 2009/11100 1 Oct 2009 Wong Coco Konnyaku Jelly 8 cups x 14 grams. Wong Coco Mini Jelly Nata de Coco 8 or 15 cups x 16 grams. Wong Coco Konnyaku Jelly. Best before 11-03-2010. Wong Coco Mini Jelly Nata de Coco.
01 Oct 2009
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