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  1. 18 June 2020

    Surveillance results

    Seller eastbayautos – X-Bull Professional 4WD Accessories High-Lift (Lever) Vehicle Jack 3000kg Hai Feng International Pty …
  2. 16 February 2015

    Allin Towbars—Allin Towbar Heavy Duty - Part Number IS1/GM85

    manufactured from 10/2008 to 6/2012 - models LS, LSM, LSU, LE fitted with rear bumbers 2. Holden RA Rodeo 4WD with factory rear step bumper bar manufactured from 01/2006 3. Holden Colorado 4WD with factory rear step bumper bumber Identifying features … dates 10/2008 to 08/2014 1. Holden RA Rodeo 4WD manufactured from 01/2006 to 07/2008 with factory rear step bumper bar …
  3. 17 April 2014

    Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited – ASX Aspire 12MY - 13MY

    13MY Identifying features MY Model Description VIN Range MY 2012 XA ASX 4WD Aspire Petrol Auto JMFXTGA2WCZ005813 ~ JMFXTGA2WCZ003831 XA ASX 4WD Aspire Diesel Man JMFXJGA6WCZ000470 ~ JMFXJGA6WCZ000623 MY 2013 XB ASX 2WD Aspire Petrol Man JMFXNGA2WDZ000102 ~ JMFXNGA2WDZ000269 XB ASX 2WD Aspire Petrol Auto JMFXTGA2WDZ000102 ~ JMFXTGA2WDZ000844 XB ASX 4WD Aspire Petrol Auto …
  4. 29 June 2016

    Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited—various Mitsubishi models: PB & PC Challenger; GA & GB i-MiEV; CJ Lancer Sedan & Sportback; ZG & ZH Outlander; NS, NT, NW & NX Pajero; ML & MN Triton

    Triton 4WD ML ~MN MMACNKB40BD003906 ~ MMACNKB40FD022774 MMAENKB40AD000237 ~ MMAENKB40FD022571 MMAENKB809D000345 … JMFLNCX5A9U000201 ~ JMFLNCX5AFU000360 JMFLTCX4A9U000201 ~ JMFLTCX4AEU001750 JMFLTCX5A9U000201 ~ JMFLTCX5AFU000597 Triton 2WD ML ~MN …
  5. 19 August 2015

    eBay Trader "drsellaus"—48" Farm Jack

    PRA No. 2015/14877 Date published 19 Aug 2015 Product description 48" High Lift Jack for 4WD Recovery, Farm Jack Lifter, Camper or Trailer Identifying features n/a What are the defects? Affected high lift vehicle jacks do not comply with the requirements of the mandatory standard for vehicle jacks, which are based on the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2693:2007 …
  6. 16 July 2014

    Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited—ASX 13MY and Outlander 13MY to 14MY

    PRA No. 2014/14212 Date published 16 Jul 2014 Product description ASX vehicles manufactured from 16/04/2013 to 18/06/2013 and Outlander vehicles manufactured from 12/09/2012 to 18/06/2013 Identifying features Recall Campaign Number: 010074 VIN Ranges: XB ASX 4WD Diesel Auto: JMFXLGA8WDZ000101 - JMFXLGA8WDZ000506 JMFXLGA8WEZ000101 - JMFXLGA8WEZ000102 ZJ AWD …
  7. 31 January 2014

    Suzuki Australia Pty Ltd—Suzuki S-Cross

    PRA No. 2014/13965 Date published 31 Jan 2014 Product description Suzuki S-Cross - AKK416 4WD Identifying features Various VIN numbers affected What are the defects? There is a possibility that the oil level in the rear differential is not within specification. What are the hazards? Due to lack of oil, the rear differential may produce an abnormal noise …
  8. 22 December 2016

    Castrol Australia Pty Ltd — Castrol Red Rubber Grease 500gm

    11802271 ROBSON BROTHERS 4WD SERVICE 68300 20036925 ROBSON BROTHERS 4WD SERVICE 68300 20036925 …
  9. 7 September 2005

    Toyota—Hilux 4WD and 4Runner vehicles

    PRA No. 2005/8017 Date published 7 Sep 2005 Product description Only Hilux 4WD with Independant Front Suspension (IFS). Identifying features VIN (Vehicle identification number) Hilux: Model LN107: 09000001 - 09003193, Model LN111: 09000002 … issue Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities Product category Toyota × Close toyota—hilux 4wd
  10. 12 December 2012

    Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited—Toyota RAV4

    0D007307 0D014282 # 05149661 05167548 # 0D008926 0D014298 CD BD33V V6 GSA33 BK31V BK33V MODEL DRIVE MODEL CODE WMI VDS 2WD ACA38 ZD31V ZD33V VIS RAV4 4WD ACA33 JTM BD31V toyota motor corporation australia limited—toyota rav4 …