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Smokeless tobacco products are either sucked or chewed rather than burning the tobacco. They can cause cancers, chromosomal damage, infections and death. There is a ban on supplying these products in Australia.

Smokeless tobacco products are absorbed into the user's system through sucking or chewing rather than burning the tobacco, as with cigarettes or cigars. Smokeless tobacco products can carry levels of nicotine equivalent to or greater than those found in cigarettes.

Smokeless tobacco is available to consumers in many forms as oral snuff, paste and/or powders and chewing tobacco.

  • Oral snuff: Ground tobacco held in place in the mouth and sucked. Snuff can be loose or in a ready to use sachet much like a teabag designed for sucking.
  • Pastes and/or powders: Tobacco ground down to paste or powder and applied to the teeth or gums.
  • Chewing tobacco: A loose leaf, plug tobacco or twist chewing tobacco chewed by the user.

Studies have shown a link between the use of smokeless tobacco products and a variety of diseases/infections such as:

  • pancreatic cancer
  • oral cancer
  • pharyngeal cancer
  • local lesions in the mouth.

Source: US National Cancer Institute



The permanent ban on smokeless tobacco products came into effect on 4 June 1991.


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