ACCC role

Product safety regulation in Australia is a shared responsibility between the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the states and territories.

Our role

The ACCC's role is to identify and address the risk of serious injury and death from safety hazards in consumer products.

We use an intelligence-led approach to assess current and emerging safety risks. We review a range of data sources to identify issues that may present a safety concern, including mandatory reports of serious illness, injury or death, recalls that have taken place internationally, and information received from the community.

We assess information received and, where warranted, take action including:

  • negotiating the recall of goods
  • educating industry and consumers
  • negotiating voluntary changes to packaging labelling or product design
  • working to introduce changes to voluntary or mandatory requirements
  • introducing and/or working to implement changes to product safety mandatory standards and bans.

We are also developing criteria for accepting international product safety standards and risk assessments. This is in line with the Australian Government’s Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda.

Product safety priorities

The ACCC Product Safety Priorities policy sets out the principles adopted by the ACCC for prioritising and addressing product safety risks.

Product Safety Australia website

The Product Safety Australia website is managed by the ACCC on behalf of Commonwealth, state and territory product safety regulators.

The website provides a single entry point for recalled products, directing consumers to the appropriate regulator. It also provides a range of safety information across various product categories, as well as enabling consumers to report unsafe products.

Businesses can find out about any laws, bans, standards or restrictions that may apply when supplying products in Australia. It also enables businesses to submit product recalls, mandatory injury reports and other information required by law.

Australian product safety system

To ensure products work safely and are compliant with the Australian Consumer Law, the Australian product safety system relies on the cooperation of consumers, suppliers, and government agencies.


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