We publish videos on our YouTube channel, ACCCProductSafety. Transcripts for these can be found below.

Date Video Summary
25.06.2018 Blake's story Toddler Blake Shaw was killed when a freestanding bookcase fell on him in August 2016.
13.06.2016 Infinity cable recalled - get your cable checked If you've had electrical work done from 2010-2013 you may have faulty Infinity cable installed. Do not inspect wiring yourself - ask a licensed electrician to check.
02.11.2015 Summer's story - a button battery tragedy Summer Steer died in 2013 at the age of four from injuries caused by swallowing a button battery.
12.08.2015 Don't fuel the fire - ethanol fireplace and burner hazards Ethanol fireplaces and table top burners can be attractive home d├ęcor items, but can cause serious burn injuries to you and your family members and property damage to your home.
08.07.2015 Hot water bottles - The hidden dangers Every year, around 200 people in Australia are admitted to hospital with serious burns related to hot water bottles. Check out the steps you can take to stay warm and safe this winter.
14.06.2015 Infinity electrical cable recall: act now before it's too late If you purchased a new property, renovated or had electrical work done between 2010-2013, get your cable checked.
01.12.2014 Candles with flammable holders Shows how quickly your party can go up in flames with candles that come with poorly made candle holders or decorations.
22.09.2014 Testing recalled Infinity cables - inner insulation Shows how the Infinity cables prematurely degrade when exposed to high temperatures.
22.09.2014 Testing recalled Infinity cables - outer insulation Shows how the Infinity cables prematurely degrade when exposed to high temperatures.
29.06.2014 How to make the DIY Choke Check Tool Get the ACCC's free do-it-yourself Choke Check tool to help you identify toys and other objects that can pose choking or ingestion hazards.
14.04.2014 Quad bike safety - would you risk it? To minimise the risks associated with quad bikes make sure you and your loved ones prepare safe, wear safe and ride safe.
07.10.2013 Trampoline safety - It's flippin' important! Watch Australian Olympian trampolinist Blake Gaudry explain the simple steps you can take to avoid injuries such as fractures, open wounds, dislocations and head injuries.
10.01.2013 ACCC tortures toys - Toy safety tension test Watch as a real product safety tester tries to pull this plush toy apart using a 'tension test', which can tell whether a small child could access the potentially dangerous filling inside
27.06.2012 Anchor, check, respect: The game plan for moveable soccer goal safety Features safe goalposts ambassador and former Melbourne Victory Captain, Adrian Leijer. Watch Team Cubs as they anchor, check, respect their goalposts to defeat the Grim Keeper.
22.10.2011 Don't be a jackass - an anti-manual for using a car jack A film about the dangers involved with DIY car maintenance highlighting specifically the safe use of car jacks.

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