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Under Australian Consumer Law, suppliers are required to report any product-related death, serious injury or serious illness associated with a consumer product. 

Who should use this form

  • Retailers
  • Suppliers, wholesalers or distributors of consumer products
  • Importers or manufacturers of consumer products
  • Providers of product-related services (e.g. installation, repair of consumer products)

Who should NOT use this form

  • Suppliers of therapeutic goods should report adverse events to the TGA 
  • Suppliers of pesticides and veterinary medicines should report to the APVMA 
  • Food-borne infectious diseases/pathogens are reportable to health authorities. However, other kinds of food-related incidents must be reported if the reporting criteria are satisfied (e.g. serious injury from food-packaging and anaphylactic reactions)
  • Motor vehicle accidents are only reportable to the ACCC if they occur off-road or on private roads/driveways
  • Consumers should contact the supplier of the potentially hazardous product or report an unsafe product to the ACCC
  • Suppliers and manufacturers of non-consumer products
  • Read the mandatory reporting guidelines for a full list of reporting exemptions

Complete all fields on this form to the extent that is known at the time the notice is given.

If you have any problems filling in this form please call 1300 302 502 or email

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