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Baby sling safety

Mum carrying her baby in a sling
Baby slings can be dangerous for your baby if worn incorrectly or if the wrong type of sling is used. Check out this alert for tips on choosing, wearing and using slings safely.


If a sling is worn incorrectly or it's not the right type of sling for your baby, it can lead to:

  • rapid suffocation if your baby's face is pressed against fabric or the wearer's body
  • slow suffocation if your baby is lying in a 'c' shape position with chin on chest
  • falls.

What you can do

Choose the right sling for your baby by:

  • taking your baby with you when buying a sling
  • asking for a demonstration
  • never using products that are described as 'womb-like' or a 'cocoon'.

Wear your sling correctly by:

  • following instructions for safe use
  • having someone assist you the first time
  • lying your baby in a flat position with a straight back to ensure the baby's chin does not rest on his or her chest
  • ensuring you can see your baby's face at all times and the face remains uncovered by the sling on your body.

Use your sling safely by:

  • holding your baby with at least one arm
  • regularly checking your baby for any signs of discomfort
  • being alert to your own safety as slings can affect the way you move
  • being alert for things that may fall on your baby (e.g. hot drinks).

Check out these tips and much more on baby sling safety in our brochure: Safety alert — Baby slings. Order your free copy today!

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