ALDI tapware health risk advice

13 Jul 2017

ALDI Spiral Spring Mixer Tap
The ACCC is investigating the potential for lead exposure associated with use of the ALDI ‘Spiral Spring Mixer Tap’ (EASY HOME brand, model number NI183ESCRT-AUD).

The ACCC understands that the tap was on sale nationally during late June 2017. The tap is not subject to a recall, however, consumers may return uninstalled taps and seek a refund or exchange from ALDI.

Further testing of the taps is underway, however results are not expected for several weeks. Until the results of the testing are available, the ACCC recommends that consumers take the following precautions.

Health protection advice

  • If a person has purchased and had installed ‘Spiral Spring Mixer Tap’ (EASY HOME brand, model number NI183ESCRT-AUD) kitchen tapware from Aldi, it is recommended that, until further advice is available, water from the tap is not used for:
    • drinking or food preparation
    • preparing baby formulas
    • filling baby baths, particularly for young children
    • brushing your teeth.
  • If you purchased a tap which has not yet been installed, ensure that it is not installed until further information is available based on the ongoing investigation.
  • Be aware that:
    • boiling water does not remove lead
    • confirmed exposure to lead at the levels measured in this tapware will gradually increase an individual’s blood lead level. If you or any family members have consumed water from the tapware and are concerned please seek advice from your GP.
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