Peachy ICT Pty Ltd—Surge Protected Powerboard

Identifying features

Indentified by sticker on reverse 0411 or earlier.

What are the defects?

Defective product moulding and switches.

What are the hazards?

There is a potential fire hazard.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should cease using the product.

Consumers should contact Peachy ICT Pty Ltd on 02 8203 3076 to organise for a replacement or a refund.

Traders who sold this product

The product was sold from Thrifty Link Hardware and Home Timber and Hardware stores.

Where the product was sold
Dates available for sale
  • 1 January 2010 - 30 March 2011

Recall advertisements and supporting documentation

Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
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