Woolworths Limited — Woolworths Ltd and BIG W Essentials, Adesso and Contempo Portable Room Heaters

Identifying features

1. FH09E-B
2. FH09F-B
3. FH102T
4. FH102T

What are the defects?

There is a poor connection on the power plug pins. When the plug is removed from a power outlet, the pins may dislodge.

What are the hazards?

There is a potential risk of electric shock or fire.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should stop using the Heaters and return them to their nearest BIG W Store or Woolworths Supermarket store to receive a full refund

Traders who sold this product

Woolworths Supermarkets
Big W

Where the product was sold
Dates available for sale
  • 15 March 2015 - 17 June 2015

Recall advertisements and supporting documentation

Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
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