ACCC surveillance activity targets decorative alcohol fuelled devices


In August 2017, the ACCC undertook surveillance focussing on the supply of decorative alcohol fuelled devices, more commonly known as ethanol burners.

Over 170 stores were surveyed across New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. Fourteen product lines failed to comply with the mandatory standard. Of the 14 product lines, 12 of them were not supplied to Australian consumers and were withdrawn from sale. Two product lines were supplied to Australian consumers and were recalled:

Decorative alcohol fuelled devices have been known to cause injuries (particularly burns) and house fires. The mandatory standard for decorative alcohol fuelled devices prescribes requirements for the product that are intended to lessen the likelihood that use or misuse of the product shall lead to either injuries and/or property damage.

For more information about the mandatory standard, see Decorative alcohol fuelled devices.

You can also view our safety video:

For more information on ACCC’s surveillance activities, see Surveillance and audits.

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