ACCC testing prompts recalls of fire risk cigarettes


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has negotiated recalls with two suppliers of cigarettes in Australia after testing revealed their products fail to comply with the mandatory safety standard for reduced fire risk.

The two cigarette brands which failed to comply with the mandatory safety standard for reduced fire risk are:

  • TS Blue 20s
  • Spoonbill Blue 20s.

The ACCC tested 24 different cigarette brands including major and lesser known brands, against the requirements of the mandatory safety standard. The standard covers the supply of all cigarettes in Australia. It requires cigarettes to self-extinguish when not drawn on by a smoker, reducing the risk of fires from cigarettes.

The ACCC is putting all cigarette suppliers on notice to ensure that the cigarettes they supply in Australia meet the full requirements of the mandatory safety standard.

Cigarettes are known to be a cause of building and bush fires in Australia and these non-compliant cigarettes pose a serious safety hazard to the Australian community.

Cigarettes that fail to self-extinguish and are exposed to combustible materials such as clothing and furniture can cause deaths, serious injuries and significant destruction, which impacts not only those who smoke.

The recall notices for TS Blue and Spoonbill Blue are available on the Recalls Australia website.

Consumers who have purchased these cigarettes should return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Further information on product safety and mandatory safety standards can be found on this website.

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