ACCC tortures toys – what do you do?


The ACCC tortures toys to keep kids safe. What can you do? Find out here!

Every year, toys are tested as part of national surveillance programs. They’re dropped, ripped, pulled and scanned to make sure they’re ok. Those that don’t make the cut are taken off the shelves, voluntarily recalled by suppliers or ACCC may also take other action, such as seeking court enforceable undertakings.

Have you seen the video?

Check out this video of a stuffed toy undergoing a tension test.

What can you do?

Here are some simple ways to stay safe with toys:

  • Choose toys for your child that are age-appropriate.
  • Check that toys for children under three years of age don't present a choking hazard.
  • Check that your child can’t easily pull toys apart into smaller parts.
  • Check you're not buying or using a banned toy by mistake - visit
  • Supervise your child at all times while they play with toys to ensure they don’t try to swallow a toy or part, or try to break off part of a toy. 
  • Dispose of toys if small parts or magnets become broken or loose.
  • Seek urgent medical advice if toys or parts are swallowed or if your child becomes sick after placing objects in his or her mouth.
  • Where you have children of mixed ages, make sure that the younger children (particularly those under three) do not play with toys intended for the older children.  Toys intended for older children may present a choking or other hazard to younger kids.
  • Check for recalled toys via or download the Recalls Australia iPhone and Android app.

Check out the Toys section on this website for safety information on specific toys.

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