Better baby baths and safer sunnies


SAFETY standards for baby bath aids and sunglasses have been strengthened to ensure the safety of consumers in Australia, Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack says.

"As Minister responsible for Consumer Affairs I know that Australian Consumer safety is paramount," Mr McCormack said.

"Australians should feel confident when they purchase a product, they know it meets the highest of safety standards and by actively reviewing these standards this Government is doing just that.

"As a father of three I know that bathing a newborn can be a stressful and at times a tricky process. By ensuring labels on these aids are tested for permanency and warnings stand out, we are alerting new parents or carers of these babies to the risks associated with using these types of product.

"That is why the review of the Product Safety Standard for baby bath aids is so important; new mums and dads and those who assist in the care of babies should be able to use these products with confidence."

Baby bath aids which are designed to support a baby while being bathed require a prominent and permanent warning on the item to warn carers and parents of the high risk of drowning unless used under direct physical supervision.

"The new standard updates the existing requirement by introducing a test for permanency, so warning and advice labels cannot be removed, are permanently affixed, are more durable as well as being clear and easily read," Mr McCormack said.

The mandatory safety standard for sunglasses and fashion spectacles has also been reviewed. This standard sets the construction, performance and labelling requirements for sunglasses and helps consumers select appropriate sunglasses and avoid ones that would be unsuitable or hazardous.

"This safety standard has been strengthened to ensure it meets the highest of Australian standards," Mr McCormack said.

"Australia has some of the harshest weather conditions in the world and in Summer especially you want to make sure the sunglasses you purchase are going to protect your eyes and do the job they are designed to.

"The strengthening of this standard closely aligns with International Standards which reduces complexity for suppliers so that we have consistent products on the market and consumers can buy with confidence.

"The safety of Australian consumers and their families is paramount and by actively reviewing Product Safety Standards of everyday consumer goods, the Coalition Government is keeping Australian consumers and their families safe."