Ceiling fan injury hazard


Children can be injured by ceiling fans, especially in the warmer months. Parents and carers should take steps to ensure children are not able to come into contact with ceiling fans.


Injuries to children can include lacerations, abrasions and skull fractures. These injuries are most commonly sustained to the scalp, chin, face, forehead and temple. Some children required hospitalisation for their injuries.

Injuries at home can occur when:

  • children climb in or out of bunk beds that are placed too close to a ceiling fan
  • an adult lifts a child up into a ceiling fan
  • children jump from a piece of furniture in the home.

Injuries are more likely to occur during the warmer months and in the evenings.

Safety at home

  • Install a guard on your ceiling fans.
  • Ensure all ceiling fans are at least 2.1 metres from the floor and at least 300mm from the ceiling.
  • Place bunk beds and other furniture 2 metres away from ceiling fans.
  • Do not lift children when underneath or near a ceiling fan.

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