No change to hot water bottle mandatory safety standard


The ACCC has completed its review of the mandatory safety standard for hot water bottles and concluded it should be maintained in its current form.

The review found widespread industry compliance with the mandatory standard and that many suppliers choose to also comply with the British standard (BS 1970: 2012). The ACCC determined that suppliers that comply with the 2012 British standard would also comply with the current mandatory standard.

The ACCC thanks those businesses and individuals that made submissions during the review.

The ACCC remains committed to ensuring suppliers comply with the mandatory standard and to reducing the number of Australians injured by hot water bottle use.

Consumers are urged to use hot water bottles with caution and follow the safety instructions on the Product Safety Australia website.

This advice includes not filling your hot water bottle directly from a source of boiling water and ensuring hot water bottles are replaced each winter.

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If you, or someone you know, has been affected by a hot water bottle injury, please report an unsafe product.

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