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Did you know that, on average, one young child dies from drowning in a portable pool in Australia every year? In addition to those fatalities other children will be hospitalised and some left with severe brain damage.

Consumer protection and product safety regulators have joined forces with Royal Life Saving Society - Australia to educate parents and carers about the drowning dangers associated with portable pools, along with tips to keep kids safe.

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As portable pools – also known as wading, paddling, inflatable or kiddie pools – become cheaper and more popular, the chance of young children drowning grows and it’s those under five years old who are most at risk.

Kids are curious, attracted to water and may like to climb. Portable pools in a home environment can seem toy-like and remind them of bath-time.

Before buying or using a portable pool, consider the responsibilities and potential legal obligations that come with it. Don’t duck out, make it safe.

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