QLD: Keep the bounce in your backyard this summer


Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer said trampolines used safely were a fun and entertaining way for the whole family to spend time together.

“Take care with maintenance and make sure you teach your children the safe way to use trampolines,” Mr Bauer said.

“Most trampolines will have been sitting in the backyard over winter, exposed to wind and rain. Now is the time to do a bit of maintenance and your children will be bouncing all summer.”

Simple maintenance steps to follow include: 

  • Check the stand and mat for any damage.
  • Make sure there are no splits in the mat or holes in the net.
  • Make sure the legs of the trampoline are locked in place.
  • Check the springs are intact and securely attached at both ends. Look at the padding and make sure it covers the springs.
  • Make sure it is all clear overhead. Move the trampoline away from objects like clotheslines, trees and wires. Clear the area surrounding the trampoline. This must be free of hazards like fences or garden furniture.

When you have your trampoline summer ready, make sure to remind your children of some basic safety rules. A few key ones to pass on include:

  • Never jump off! You can hurt yourself if you jump off the trampoline onto a hard surface. Stop jumping and climb down the ladder to get off safely.
  • Stand back: Don’t sit on the matting when you’re watching someone else jumping and never go underneath a trampoline when someone else is using it.
  • Middle of the mat: Always bounce in the middle of the trampoline – away from the springs.
  • One at a time: it’s safest to have one person bouncing at a time.

“The most important safety tip is for parents. Supervise your children at all times and watch younger children more closely,” said Mr Bauer.

The OFT is participating in a national trampoline safety campaign in the lead-up to Christmas. The aim of the campaign is to help parents and caregivers be more aware of trampoline safety issues, how to maintain their trampoline and how to teach children to stay safe while playing.

For more information on the safe use of trampolines, go to the OFT website at www.qld.gov.au/fairtrading

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