SA: Warning on trampoline safety as injury numbers rise


South Australians are being reminded of the importance of trampoline safety in the lead up to summer.

Business Services and Consumers Minister Gail Gago said at the time of year when parents are thinking about possible Christmas presents, while trampolines can be fun for children, people need be aware of safety issues.

“More than 3,000 trampoline-related injuries are reported each year in Australia,” Ms Gago said.

“During 2014, trampolines were the second biggest cause of hospital-related injuries on play equipment, just behind monkey bars. Of particular concern is the increasing number of injuries among children less than five-years-old.

“Parents are encouraged to take extra care with younger children as they are more prone to serious injury.

“Most trampolines will have been sitting in the yard over winter exposed to harsh conditions such as wind and rain, so now is the time to complete maintenance and check for any safety issues - don’t let your trampoline spring a nasty surprise.”

Some helpful tips include:

  • examine the stand and mat for damage and ensure the springs are still intact and securely attached at both ends.
  • always use safety padding on the frame and regularly check for holes and general wear and tear.
  • ensure all leg braces are locked and the frame is not bent.
  • check that it’s clear overhead and around the trampoline to avoid children jumping into objects like clotheslines, trees, fences and wires.
  • cover at least a 2.5 metre wide area of ground surrounding the trampoline with a thick layer of soft, impact-absorbing material such as pine bark and woodchips.
  • supervise use of trampolines at all times and only have one child jumping at a time.

Ms Gago said businesses are also being reminded of their obligations under the Australian Consumer Law when offering products or services for sale.

“Traders need to become familiar with the new voluntary Australian safety standard that was introduced this year, which outlines trampoline requirements for domestic use.

“Specifically, business owner should ensure all trampolines are sold with clear assembly and placement instructions, as well as guidelines on how to use the product safely.”

For more information on product safety and other consumer matters please visit the CBS website.

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