Straight off, straight out of reach! Staying safe with hair straighteners


Did you know that a hair straightener can get hot enough to fry an egg? Check out safety information on hair straighteners from Queensland Office of Fair Trading.


The plates on hair straighteners can heat up to more than 200 degrees in under 10 minutes and can take more than 30 minutes to cool down to a safe temperature.

It is during this time that an increasing number of children are picking up, sitting on or standing on the hair straightener causing injuries ranging from superficial burns to severe, full thickness burns. A child´s skin is much thinner than an adult´s so these types of burns can cause permanent scarring.

Injury statistics

Each week, one child in Queensland alone, suffers serious burns from hair straighteners.

Straight off, straight out of reach! - Safety tips

You can adopt a few simple strategies to minimise the risk of burns. 

  1. Straight off - Switch off after use.
  2. Straight up and away - Put straightener out of reach, wait for the plates to cool and then put away.

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