Voluntary Takata-related recalls

2 May 2018

A compulsory recall applies to vehicles and spare parts that have defective Takata airbags. In addition to the compulsory recall, there are two categories of voluntary Takata-related recalls:

  1. commercial vehicles that are fitted with defective Takata airbag inflators 
  2. vehicles that had an affected Takata airbag inflator replaced by a non-Takata airbag inflator that may have been incorrectly installed (and are now being recalled again to ensure correct installation).

Takata-related recalls of commercial vehicles

The compulsory recall was issued under laws providing for the recall of consumer goods. It covers vehicles with an Affected Takata Airbag Inflator that are supplied in Australia and are intended to be used, or are likely to be used, for personal, domestic or household use. The compulsory recall does not cover vehicles intended to be used for purely commercial purposes.

Many suppliers of commercial vehicles have initiated voluntary recalls of vehicles with affected Takata airbag inflators. These suppliers are strongly encouraged to complete the voluntary recall as soon as practicable and conduct replacement of affected inflators within a time that is consistent with the compulsory recall’s timing for replacement. 

Recalled vehicles

Volvo Group Australia

UD Trucks Quon & Condor 2011-2016 2017/16021
FH13, FH16, FM13 & FM11 Trucks 2012-2017 2018/16581

Hino Motor Sales Australia

Hino 300 Series Trucks 2011-2012 2017/16006
Hino 300 Series Trucks 2013 2018/16709
Hino 300 Series Trucks 2013-2016 2019/17282

Iveco Trucks Australia

EuroCargo & Euro 6 2015 2018/17206

Takata-related recalls to correct previous installation 

Some vehicles were previously recalled and had an affected Takata airbag inflator replaced by a non-Takata airbag inflator. Those vehicles are not covered by the compulsory recall because they do not contain an affected Takata airbag inflator. 

The replacement inflator in some vehicles may have been incorrectly installed. In the event of an accident, the frontal airbag may not inflate for deployment, increasing the risk of injury. Suppliers of those vehicles are recalling the vehicles again to ensure correct installation of the airbag.

 Recalled vehicles


Impreza 2004-2007 2017/16483


Corolla Sedan, Corolla Hatch & Rukus 2007-2012 2018/16664

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