Winter safety


Stay safe with our winter product safety tips that can help Australians avoid burns, injury and death, while staying warm in the cooler months.

Top tips for winter product safety:

  1. Never use boiling water to fill your hot water bottle and replace it as soon as it starts to look cracked or worn. 
  2. Only buy wheat bags or other heat packs that come with clear heating instructions, and never overheat your bag as this could cause the bag to ignite and start a fire.
  3. Carefully check that your electric blankets, hot water bottles and other winter items are in good condition and have not been recalled – and if the goods have been recalled return them to the store for refund or remedy.
  4. Children’s clothing items with a ‘low fire danger’ label are still flammable so always keep children away from open heat sources.

Video: Hot water bottles - The hidden dangers

This safety video outlines the dangers behind hot water bottles if they are used incorrectly.


Make sure you are aware of recalls of products you might be using this winter:

Checking for recalls

There are a few ways you can check for and stay up to date with Australian product safety recalls. You can:

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