Consumer Goods (Button/Coin Batteries) Information Standard

This mandatory standard defines the requirements and best practice recommendations for warnings on button/coin battery packaging and button/coin batteries themselves.

This standard covers all types of packaging or containers used when supplying button/coin batteries.

It defines:

  • which warnings are required, and where they should appear
  • best practice recommendations about other information that should be included.

Warnings are necessary for these products. Consumers need to know about the risks that button/coin batteries can pose, and what to do if they suspect that someone has swallowed or inserted a battery.

This mandatory standard refers to national and international industry standards, which are available from SAI Global, the International Organization for Standardization and Standards Australia.

It's one of four mandatory standards that apply to button/coin batteries and goods that contain them.

Summary of requirements


This information standard requires that:

  • any packaging used to supply button/coin batteries must be marked clearly with a warning
  • button/coin batteries with a diameter of 20 mm or more must be marked with a 'keep out of reach of children' symbol on the battery itself.

The information standard also provides a range of best practice recommendations, which we encourage you to use to further reduce the risk of injury to children.

This information standard includes the following examples of internationally recognised symbols that can be included in warnings (not to scale):

Keep out of reach of children

A blue disc showing an adult holding up a box, and a child reaching for it.

Safety alert


This mandatory standard does not apply to button/coin batteries supplied in bulk intended to be used in trades, professions or industries and which are not intended for sale to the general public.

Read the standard

You can read, download, or purchase a print copy of this standard at the Federal Register of Legislation website.

Consumer Goods (Button/Coin Batteries) Information Standard 2020

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There are four mandatory standards that apply to button/coin batteries and goods that contain them.

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