Consumer Goods (Products Containing Button/Coin Batteries) Safety Standard

This mandatory standard defines the safety requirements for all consumer goods containing button/coin batteries, including storage containers and organisers.

It also applies to accessories of consumer goods, such as remote controls, that contain button/coin batteries.

This mandatory standard refers to national and international industry standards, which are available from SAI GlobalUL Standards and Standards Australia.

It's one of four mandatory standards that apply to button/coin batteries and goods that contain them.

Summary of requirements

Design and construction

Consumer goods containing button/coin batteries must meet secure battery requirements and are subject to compliance testing.

All consumer goods that contain a button/coin battery:

  • must be secure
  • must not release the batteries during reasonably foreseeable use or misuse of the product.

This is mandatory whether or not the battery is intended to be user-replaceable.

If the goods contain button/coin batteries that are intended to be user-replaceable, the goods must have a secure battery compartment that is resistant to being opened by young children.

Compliance and testing

Suppliers must be able to demonstrate that products comply with this safety standard. The safety standard gives you some flexibility in how you choose to test your product. You can choose to test against the product-specific standards listed in the safety standard, or the non-product-specific standard (the Lithium Technologies standard).

If you choose to test using the Lithium Technologies standard, your product’s battery compartment must also include a captive screw or a similar mechanism that remains with the compartment’s door or cover.

If a test specified in a product-specific standard isn’t appropriate for your product, you can apply an alternative test. The test must still demonstrate that your product meets the requirements.

For example, a manufacturer of designer watches might choose to apply a different test for their products, because impact and crush tests may not be economical to apply. If they choose an alternative method, the test must still demonstrate that the button/coin battery will not be released during reasonably foreseeable use and misuse of the product.

If a regulator asks you to demonstrate compliance with this safety standard, you must be able to:

  • nominate the set of compliance tests you used
  • provide the test reports you relied upon.


This mandatory standard does not apply to:

  • hearing aids
  • consumer goods that were first supplied to a consumer before the requirements became mandatory
  • professional equipment where all of the following apply:
    • the equipment is intended to be used in trades, professions or industries
    • the equipment is not intended for sale to the general public
    • the equipment is not intended to be used where children are present
  • audio-visual and information and communications technology equipment containing button/coin batteries that are soldered in place.

Read the standard

You can read, download, or purchase a print copy of this standard at the Federal Register of Legislation website.

Consumer Goods (Products Containing Button/Coin Batteries) Safety Standard 2020

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