Elastic luggage straps

The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the safety markings and labelling requirements of elastic luggage straps.

About elastic luggage straps

Elastic luggage straps are designed for securing luggage or other objects. They are also known as:

  • octopus, or occy straps
  • bungee, or bungie cords.

The mandatory standard applies to elastic straps, ties or cords that have:

  • a hook
  • a buckle
  • other type of fastening device, at each end.

Mandatory standard

Consumer Goods (Elastic luggage straps) Safety Standard 2017 sets out the requirements for elastic luggage straps.

Key requirements

These requirements aim to provide an overview of the mandatory standard. Suppliers must not rely on this information as a complete guide to compliance.

Safety markings

The mandatory standard requires elastic luggage straps to have a permanently attached label with the following warning:

  • WARNING. Rebounding hooks cause blindness. Place hooks with care. Keep face and body out of rebound path. DO NOT overstretch. DO NOT use when strap has visible signs of wear or damage.

The label must state the:

  • word ‘WARNING’ and the words ‘DO NOT’ in upper case black letters of not less than 5 millimetres in height on a yellow background
  • remaining words in upper and lower case letters as shown above, the upper case letters being of not less than 5 millimetres in height on a yellow background.

More information is available in the Explanatory Statement on the Federal Register of Legislation website.

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