Yo-Yo water balls

Yo-yo water balls or other similar liquid-filled novelties are banned from supply in Australia.

About the ban

Under the ban, a yo-yo water ball (and similar products) is a toy:

  • intended to be thrown and returned to the hand
  • with an elasticised cord capable of extending at least 500 mm in length and usually with a:
    • loop on one end to wear around the finger
    • a soft synthetic object on the other.

It may:

  • be filled with air, or a liquid (e.g. water, toluene – a toxic oily solvent)
  • contain a novelty feature, such as a flashing light
  • resemble the form of a cartoon animal.

The ban does not apply to the following goods:

  • outdoor and sporting toys, e.g. a ball which is used to practice tennis whose elastic tension cord is intended to be anchored
  • a bat with a ball attached by an elastic cord
  • goods known as the 'Yo-Be Sling Disc'.

Complying with the ban

Consumer Protection Notice No. 20 of 2011 sets out the requirements of this ban.


Failure to supply compliant products can result in the ACCC taking action, culminating in:

  • infringement notices
  • court enforceable undertakings
  • disqualification from being a company director
  • court action with penalties
  • recall of product.

See: Fines and penalties

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