Infant inclined products

Infants can suffocate when sleeping in an inclined position. Safe sleep advice recommends placing your infant to sleep on a firm, flat surface and to remove loose items such as blankets and soft toys.

About infant inclined products

Infant inclined products are a broad category of products used by parents and caregivers that position infants at an inclined angle. There are many products that may fall within this category, such as rockers, bouncers, swings, co-sleepers, recliners and bassinet-type products.

These products may be designed, intended or marketed for sleep or for other purposes, such as play, resting or soothing an infant.

Risks and injuries

These products pose a risk of injury or death for infants when sleeping due to the incline, curvature of the backrest and soft sleeping surface. Research has shown the following risks, which can lead to infant fatalities:

  • suffocation – where an infant rolls over for the first time from their back onto their tummy and their airway is blocked by fabric on the side or base of the product;
  • positional asphyxiation – where the infant’s head falls forward, pressing their chin to their chest, blocking their airway and reducing oxygen flow over time.

For suppliers

While there are no existing mandatory or voluntary standards in Australia that specifically apply to these products, infant inclined products sold in Australia may comply with relevant international standards or regulations. These standards and regulations have varying requirements, but some require a safety warning that the product is not safe for unsupervised sleep by infants.

Suppliers can also:

  • provide adequate warnings and instructions to consumers describing safe use and potential risks associated with these products
  • review infant inclined product lines to ensure they are safe for use, including assessing whether these products could be foreseeably misused by consumers and result in an increased risk of death or serious injury.

Suppliers can refer to the Best practice guide for the design of safe infant sleeping environments.

For consumers

If you have infant inclined sleeping products consider whether you want to continue using them.

If you continue to use the products:

  • Never leave your infant unattended.
  • Stop using the product when your baby begins to roll.
  • Put the product on a flat floor surface, away from potential hazards.
  • Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use of the product.
  • Remember to only place infants to sleep on a flat, firm surface.

Other resources

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Date published:
12 July 2019

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