Rocking cradles

If using a rocking cradle for your baby, make sure that it has the appropriate safety features, such as a tilt limiter and child-resistant lock.

About rocking cradles

A rocking cradle is a small bed with a swinging motion to help babies sleep. It is normally used when babies are young and not active.

Risks and injuries

Babies can suffer serious injuries if they fall out of a rocking cradle that tilts too far, or if the bottom breaks.

If the rocking cradle is near hazards such as curtains, blinds or heaters then there is a risk of strangulation or burns.

Infants can also suffocate from pillows or when folded quilts are used as mattresses.

Buying tips

  • Make sure the cradle has a permanent child-resistant lock that stops the cradle from rocking when the baby is unattended.
  • Rocking cradles should have a tilt limiter to limit the angle of tilt to no more than 10 degrees from the cradle’s horizontal position.

Safe use

  • Follow the manufacturer’s assembly instructions.
  • Follow guidelines on the appropriate weight and size of a baby who can safely use the product.
  • Never use pillows, bumpers or folded quilts in the cradle. Trim decorative bows and ribbons and ensure they are stitched to the cradle securely.
  • Keep the cradle clear of curtains, blinds or heaters.
  • Ensure the cradle cannot tilt too far.
  • Regularly check that screws and bolts are tight to avoid accidental collapse.