Aquatic toys

Aquatic toys are not safety devices, so children must be supervised at all times when playing with these toys in the water.

About aquatic toys

Aquatic toys can help children stay afloat while they play. These toys come in styles that children can wear, attach to their bodies, hold on to, or sit in.

Aquatic toys include:

  • inflatable novelty shapes
  • inflatable toy boats for shallow water
  • unattached rings — complete or partial.

Risks and injuries

Aquatic toys are not safety devices. Children who can't swim may drown if their aquatic toy fails or if they do not use it properly. Children injured while playing with a toy in the water are at greater risk of drowning.

Parents and carers should constantly watch children using these types of toys. As children are still developing, they generally have limited motor (brain to muscle) coordination and are not able to judge potentially dangerous situations or react to them in time.

Buying tips

  • Only purchase safe, approved products that meet the requirements of the mandatory standard.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s age and/or weight recommendations when choosing aquatic toys for children, as products intended for younger children may not be able to support an older child’s body.

Safe use

  • Read the warning labels and packaging carefully, and follow instructions for proper assembly and use.
  • Ensure an adult is constantly supervising children using aquatic toys.
  • If a child is injured while playing with an aquatic toy, take the child and toy out of the water and check they are not concussed or seriously injured. Keep them out of the water if there are any signs of illness or injury.

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