Balloon blowing kits

Some balloon blowing kits contain cancer-causing substances. Make sure you buy a kit that meets the mandatory safety standard.

About balloon blowing kits

Balloon blowing kits allow children to inflate balloons using a blow-pipe and a synthetic glue-like substance. To use these kits, children attach the glue-like substance to the pipe. They then blow through the pipe to form a balloon.

Risks and injuries

Some balloon blowing kits contain benzene, which is a cancer-causing substance. If the kit does contain benzene, it can be easily inhaled or accidentally swallowed during use. To minimise risks, there is a mandatory safety standard for these products.

Children can choke or strangle themselves when playing with deflated or broken balloons or balloons with strings.

Buying tips

  • Check ingredients on the kit packaging to ensure benzene is not included. If in doubt, check with the retailer.

Safe use

  • Dispose of any burst balloons to avoid children playing with pieces.
  • Never tie a rubber balloon onto the side of a cot, pram or stroller.
  • Ensure any strings attached to balloons are shorter than 22cm so they cannot cause strangulation.