Building blocks

Building blocks can provide young children with hours of creative play, but make sure there are no broken parts or brittle edges to avoid injury.

About building blocks

Building blocks are brightly coloured toy blocks usually made of plastic or wood. These blocks provide young children with creative and constructive play as they stack and knock down their creations.

Risks and injuries

Children are at risk of:

  • splinters if wooden blocks are not smoothly finished
  • choking on small parts of a building blocks set or on broken parts of brittle plastic blocks
  • cuts from the sharp edges of broken brittle plastic blocks
  • choking or cutting themselves if the building blocks have additional parts that are not age-appropriate.

Buying tips

  • Check the building blocks have no parts that can break off and no sharp edges.
  • Check that paints and lacquers used on the blocks are non-toxic.
  • Beware of building blocks sets that contain small parts that could choke children.

Safe use

  • Make sure plastic pieces are durable and not brittle.
  • Ensure any wooden surfaces are smoothly finished.
  • Check building blocks regularly for any damage or broken pieces.

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