Projectile toys

Children are at risk of serious eye injuries or from choking when playing with projectile toys. Always make sure children know how to play safely with these toys.

About projectile toys

A projectile toy is a toy that is capable of launching a projectile, such as toy guns, or bow and arrow sets.

Risks and injuries

Children can suffer serious (sometimes irreversible) eye injury caused by a projectile if hit by sharp flying objects.

Projectile toys can also pose a choking hazard for young children, particularly children under 36 months where they have not yet fully developed their reflexes to cough out small parts of projectile toys that they may place in their mouth.

Buying tips

Only purchase safe, approved products that meet the requirements of the mandatory standard.

Safe use

  • Never aim a projectile toy at someone's eyes or face.
  • Always supervise children playing with projectile toys.
  • Warn children not to fire projectile toys at or near people and animals.
  • Keep adult darts and souvenir bows and arrows out of young children's reach.