Toy & novelty knives

Children risk cuts and lacerations when playing with toy knives. Avoid buying toy knives, even if they're specifically designed for children.

About toy and novelty knives

Toy or novelty knives are marketed to children under fourteen years of age.  They contain rigid metal blades that users can pull out for use and push back in and may be sold individually or in stationery or art/craft sets. They are sometimes called mini-cutters.

Risks and injuries

The rigid retractable blade can cause cuts, lacerations and puncture injuries. Children are at great risk if they are playing with these knives without close and constant supervision from an adult.

Buying tips

  • Never buy knives for children, even if they are specifically designed for children. Children lack dexterity and experience to operate knives safely.

Safe use

  • Always supervise children when they are using knives.
  • Never give children toys that are not suited to their age—it is not a measure of intelligence for children to play with toys outside their age range.

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