Friction burns are a common risk when using a treadmill, including burns serious enough to require skin grafts. Make sure you buy a treadmill that features a safety stop switch and always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

About treadmills

Treadmills are exercise equipment used for walking, jogging or running indoors. They feature a conveyer belt, which is motorised or powered manually.

Risks and injuries

Friction burns are one of the common risks when using treadmills. Children are especially vulnerable if they are playing on or near a treadmill and can potentially suffer minor burns, serious burns requiring skin grafts, and the loss of fingers or hands.

Buying tips

  • Select a treadmill with protective covers to keep fingers and hands away from as many moving parts as possible.
  • Check the treadmill has a safety stop switch to stop it quickly in case of an accident.
  • Ensure the treadmill has a permanent warning label.

Safe use

  • Follow the manufacturer's safety instructions.
  • Wear shoes suitable for walking or running when using the treadmill.
  • Keep the area around the treadmill clear of objects.
  • Keep the treadmill unplugged from power when it is not in use.