Bean bags

Children are at risk of choking or suffocation when bean bags are damaged or unsafe. Make sure you buy a bean bag with a child resistant closure.

About bean bags

Bean bags are seating made from a material sack filled with polystyrene beads. The bag can be opened so the beads can be replaced.

Risks and injuries

Children are at risk of serious injuries or death if they use a bean bag that  is damaged or doesn't have a child resistant closure.

In these cases, children can suffer:

  • choking, particularly those under three years old, if they inhale the polystyrene beads contained in bean bags
  • suffocation, if they crawl inside a bean bag cover and their breathing is restricted by the bag and its contents.

Buying tips

  • Make sure the bag features the mandatory safety warnings. They should be attached securely to, or stamped on, the bag or package. The word 'warning' must be in red capital letters and displayed on a white background.
  • Make sure the zip or fastener is child resistant. Check that it locks into place and does not have a tab or handle that a child can use to open the bag or cover. Bean bags should not be sold with any tag, handle or other object which would allow the slide-fastener to be opened.
  • Check bean bags for sturdy seams that stop beads from leaking out. This makes the bean bag difficult for a pet or child to tear open.

Safe use

  • Keep beans, bag covers and bean bag refills out of reach of children.

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