Candles with lead wicks

Some candle wicks have a very thin metal centre used to keep the wick upright while burning. Candles with wicks containing more than 0.06 per cent lead are banned in Australia.

About candles with lead wicks

If a centre of a candle wick is made of lead, unsafe levels of lead can be released into the air while burning. These candles can be identified by a silvery or dark lead core in the fabric of the wick.

Risks and injuries

Candles containing more than 0.06 per cent of lead can cause lead poisoning when burned in an enclosed area. Lead poisoning in unborn babies, small children and pregnant women can lead to:

  • impaired growth
  • hearing loss
  • behaviour problems
  • respiratory problems
  • impaired short term memory
  • reproductive disorders
  • memory loss
  • nerve disorders.