Combustible candle holders

Candle holders that can ignite when exposed to the heat of a burning candle pose a fire risk and are permanently banned from supply in Australia.

About combustible candle holders

Combustible candle holders are candle holders that can ignite when a candle burns down during the normal use of the product and that continues burning for five or more seconds.  

Risks and injuries

Candle holders can pose a fire risk if they catch on fire and remain on fire for more than five seconds instead of self-extinguishing.

Candle holders and decorations that ignite from the heat of the candle are permanently banned from supply in Australia. New products and designs that are poorly made and do not comply with product safety regulations often appear on the market during the festive season.

Buying tips

  • Before buying a novelty candle, ask the supplier whether the product been tested and if it is safe.

Safe use

  • Follow the instructions on the packaging when using novelty candles that have sparkler or firework-like flames (often used for lighting several candles).
  • Keep candles away from flammable festive decorations.
  • Do not leave burning candles unattended.

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