Trolley jacks

People risk serious injury or death when using unsafe trolley jacks. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and only use trolley jacks that meet the mandatory safety standard.

About trolley jacks

A trolley jack is a device designed to raise a part of a vehicle via its chassis.

A trolley jack usually comes with:

  • wheels for manoeuvring the trolley jack
  • a handle for positioning the trolley jack under the vehicle and for pumping the hydraulic cylinders
  • hydraulic cylinders for lifting the vehicle.

Risks and injuries

Vehicles supported by an unsafe or inappropriately used trolley jack can fall onto a person. Incorrect use of a trolley jack can lead to serious injury or death.

Buying tips

  • Only buy and use trolley jacks that meet mandatory safety standards.
  • Use the right jack for the job.

Safe use

  • Ensure that you regularly maintain jacks so that they operate safely.
  • Always check the jack's label to ensure that its maximum load capacity is enough to support the vehicle you are lifting—otherwise the jack could fail and place you in danger.
  • Never get under a vehicle that is supported only by a trolley jack—use support stands to support the vehicle.
  • Use a trolley jack to lift a vehicle before placing the vehicle support stands underneath the vehicle.
  • Locate the correct points for the vehicle support stands.
  • Lower the jack slowly until the vehicle safely rests on the vehicle support stands.