Ateco Automotive — Warn VR EVO 4x4 recovery winches

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Product description

All Warn VR EVO winches used by 4x4 vehicles to recover vehicles from situations they can’t drive out of. The winch cable can be operated by a remote control supplied with the winch.
Recalled models:
• 8 – Part number W103250
• 8-S – Part number W103251
• 10 – Part number W103252
• 10-S – Part number W103253
• 10-S-103253 - Part number C3700-6KGOAAU
• 12 – Part number W103254
• 12-S – Part number W103255
• Spare remote control module – Part number W104218

Photograph of a Warn VR EVO winch and remote
Photograph of the Warn VR EVO remote supplied with Warn VR EVO winches
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C3700-6KGAAU, EVO-8-S-103251,EVO-10-103252, EVO-10-S-103253,EVO-12-103254,EVO-12-103255, Pn.104218 Remote & Control Module

Reasons the product is recalled

The internal circuit board of the remote control can corrode if exposed to water.
If corrosion of the circuit board occurs, the winch can cause the cable to stop, wind up or release unexpectedly.

The hazards to consumers

If a winch stops or starts unexpectedly while being used, the cable or vehicle may move suddenly. The winch may also operate unintentionally while not being used, for example when parked or driving.

If the winch operates unexpectedly, there is an increased risk of accident and serious injury to people inside the vehicle or nearby the winch.

What consumers should do

Consumers should immediately stop using the remote control for affected winches and contact their place of purchase/retailer to register their details.
Retailers will provide consumer details to Ateco Equipment. Ateco Equipment will send consumers a pre-paid satchel to return their affected remote control for inspection and repair.
If there is no corrosion, Ateco Equipment will apply corrosion protection to the circuit board. This will waterproof the circuit board to prevent any corrosion in the future and Ateco Equipment will return the remote control to the consumer.
If the circuit board has corrosion, Ateco Equipment will replace the remote control.

For more information consumers should contact their place of purchase or Ateco Equipment on
1300 873 487.

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.