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Spa Quip 800 and 1200 Spa Controllers
Spa pool controllers used in small to medium-sized spas and swim-spas to connect and control the operation of spa components.

Models: Q800-30, Q800-30LAN, Q800-30R, Q1200-35, Q1200-35R, Q1200-45, Q1200-45R and Q1200-60.
Affected serial numbers include:

  • the numbers '208' or lower (e.g. ###208######), or
  • X05, X06, X07 and 108 (e.g. ###X05######).

The serial number can be found on a white label in the outer cover of the controller housing.

Only products manufactured before February 2008 are affected by this recall.

How to identify the product
The controller is part of the inner workings of the spa and will be found behind the spa's cabinet or under decking adjacent to the spa. The exact location of the controller will vary depending on the spa design. The simplest way to identify whether a spa is affected by this recall is to look at the spa's touchpad design. Spas with touchpads similar to those in these photographs may contain an affected controller. If unsure, consumers can email a photograph of their spa touchpad to SpaQuipRecall@davey.com.au and a team member will confirm if it is an affected spa.

Photograph of Spa Quip 800 Controller
Photograph of Spa Quip 1200 Controller
Photograph of Example Touchpad 1
Photograph of Example Touchpad 2
Photograph of Example Touchpad 3
Photograph of Example Touchpad 4
Photograph of Example Touchpad 5
Photograph of Example Touchpad 8
Photograph of Example Touchpad 7
Photograph of Example Touchpad 8
Photograph of Example Touchpad 9
Photograph of Example Touchpad 10
Photograph of Example Touchpad 11
Photograph of Example Touchpad 12

Reasons the product is recalled

The controller has a flexible socket, which means it is possible for an AMP plug to be forced into the controller upside-down. This may cause the plugged-in device or parts touching the plugged-in device to become live.

The hazards to consumers

Risk of electric shock, which can cause serious injury or death.

There has been a fatality associated with this product.

What consumers should do

If affected, consumers should disconnect / isolate, and stop using the spa. Do not undertake any repairs or connect any new devices to the spa and contact Davey Water Products to arrange for a free replacement controller to be fitted to the spa by a certified technician, free of charge.

For more information, contact Davey Water Products on 1300 232 839 (9am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday), email SpaQuipRecall@davey.com.au, or contact your local Davey pool equipment dealer.

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