Fluke Australia Pty Ltd - 3PHVL-17XX cable replacement kits and associated kits

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These cables were sold separately as 3PHVL- 17XX cable replacement kits and included with the following kits:

  • Fluke-3540 Power Monitors
  • 173x Series Power Loggers
  • 174x Series Power Quality Loggers
  • 177x Series Power Quality Analyzers

Affected cables will have either:

  • A date wheel on a moulded plastic clip over the cables. The first wheel shows a two-digit year code and the second wheel shows a month number. Codes between 21-04 and 21-11 are recalled; or
  • A code on the longer end of the L1/A cord showing a manufacturer code followed by a two digit month and two-digit year. Codes between 04/21 and 11/21 are recalled.
Full lead
Fluke - Date wheel close up
Close up of lead identification code with description of the the manufacturer code month and year

Reasons the product is recalled

The black moulded plastic insulators may crack exposing the user to the metal parts of the connector and the risk of direct contact to an electrical current. 

The hazards to consumers

Risk of serious injury or death from electric shock.

What consumers should do

Stop using the product immediately and check the date code to see if the cable is affected. If the date code is illegible or missing, contact Fluke for more information.

Consumers with affected cables should cut the cable in half to make it unusable and register for a free replacement on the recall webpage.

For more information, consumers can visit the recall webpage, phone 1300 135 853 or email ordersanz@fluke.com.

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Responsible regulator

Office of Fair Trading (NSW) - ERAC is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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