Jacuzzi® — Jacuzzi J-200, J-300, J-400 and J-500 collection hot tubs

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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs — Jacuzzi J-200, J-300, J-400 and J-500 collection hot tubs  

Model and serial numbers are engraved into a silver plate located in the equipment bay of the hot tub.

Photograph of spa
Photograph of spa showing where model and serial numbers are located

Reasons the product is recalled

When the spa is in use, the temperature sensors can display the incorrect water temperature, with water being hotter than the set temperature (showing).

The hazards to consumers

The hotter water temperatures reached by the spa can cause heat stroke injuries and thermal burns.

What consumers should do

Consumers should immediately visit the Jacuzzi Spas recall webpage to identify if their spa is affected by the recall and for more details about the recall.  

Affected consumers should contact Spa World Australia to schedule a free repair.  Do not use your spa without first checking the temperature with an external thermometer before each use.

For further information, or additional advice, contact Spa World Australia by phone 1300 037 235 or email tempsensor@spaworld.com.au


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Spa World Australia
Pool and Spa World Tasmania

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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