Kaymar 4WD Accessories — Kaymar rear wheel carrier for 4WD vehicles

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Product description

The rear wheel carrier is a metal bracket fitted to the rear of 4WD vehicles to carry a spare wheel.

See the part number list below for a list of all affected wheel carriers and the vehicles they are suited to. 

Kaymar rear wheel carrier product and fixings used to attach the product to the vehicle.
Example of a Kaymar rear wheel carrier fitted to the rear of a 4WD vehicle.
Identifying features

Reasons the product is recalled

Welds in the product may fail or break causing the arm of the bracket and wheel to bend away from the vehicle or detach from the vehicle completely. 

The hazards to consumers

Risk of serious injury to road users or bystanders if the wheel carrier bends or detaches while driving the vehicle.  

There is an increased risk of an incident if the vehicle is being used in off-road activities due to repeated severe, sudden and jerking movements.

What consumers should do

Consumers should stop using the product to carry a wheel and contact Kaymar 4WD Accessories to arrange an inspection and replacement.
Consumers can contact Kaymar 4WD Accessories by phone on 1300 583 973 or email recall@kaymar.com.au

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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