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Product description

1. AlfaPet Complete 5 Gallon Octagon Aquarium; and
2. TOM New Aquatic Decor Nature's Window. Purchased at any time since 1997 in any state.

What are the defects?

The aquarium light units are not earthed correctly, and there is a risk of Electric Shock and Fire.

What are the hazards?

Electric shock and Fire.

What should consumers do?

Customers who have purchased one of these aquariums at any time in Australia, are advised to cease using the aquarium immediately and return to the store of purchase for a full refund. For further information contact Kong's (Aust.) on (02) 9796 1811.


Kong's (Aust.) Pty Limited

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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