Reposit Power — Reposit Kit including RP115 Meter and Reposit Box

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Energy gateway device for controlling energy storage.

Includes RP115 Meter and Reposit Box
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Product code RP115

Reasons the product is recalled

In most installation configurations the Reposit Kit does not meet the electrical isolation requirements of the most appropriate electrical safety standard (AS61010.1:2003).

The hazards to consumers

Certain components within the Reposit Kit could raise a potential risk of electrical shock to electrical installers or to the end user.

What consumers should do

Affected consumers will be contacted directly. Reposit will provide an upgraded Reposit Kit and installation at no cost to the end user. The removal and installation will be completed by a fully qualified electrician based on approved installation requirements.

For further information consumers can contact Reposit Power by phoning toll-free 1800 392 938 Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm or via email at


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