Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd — Rinnai Symmetry Inbuilt Gas Log Effect Space Heater

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Inbuilt gas log effect space heater

Models RDV3610ETR and RDV3611ETR

Made from 2010 onwards
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Gas approval number AGA 7638G, N10378

What are the defects?

A combination of rare operational circumstances may cause delayed ignition due to low gas pressure.

What are the hazards?

This may cause the mesh-guard to separate from the front of the heater or the glass front to break, posing a risk of injury to the user.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should not operate the heater until the service is performed.

Consumers should contact Rinnai at www.symmetryservice.com.au or call toll free on 1800 043 214 to make an appointment for an authorised service technician to provide a free in-home service to the appliance.


Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd

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Gas appliance retailers.

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Energy Safe (VIC) is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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