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13cm Flower Candle Holder APN 9325448027725. 16cm Flower Candle Holder APN 9325448027732. Set of 4 Small Candle Holders APN 9325448027664. Set of 4 Medium Candle Holders APN 9325448027671. Set of 4 Large Candle Holders APN 9325448027688. Set of 3 Small Bucket Candle Holders APN 9325448027695. Set of 3 Medium Bucket Candle Holders APN 9325448027701. Set of 3 Large Bucket Candle Holder APN 9325448027718. Set of 3 Small Candle Holders APN 9325448027749. Set of 3 Medium Candle Holders APN 9325448027756. Set of 3 Large Candle Holders APN 9325448027763. Set of 4 Multi Candle Holders with Spikes APN 9325448027787.
Flow Candle Holder on Stand APN 9325448027770. The product was sold at Kmart stores from 15 November 2007
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The material used to produce these items may not self-extinguish if ignited.

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Customers should cease using these items immediately and return the product to Kmart for a full refund. Customers requiring further information should call 1800 763 455.


SMASH Enterprises Pty Ltd

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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