Compulsory Takata airbag recalls affecting Australian drivers


Drivers are being urged to check if they are affected by the compulsory recall of vehicles with defective Takata airbags, which has been issued by the Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, the Hon Michael Sukkar.

The ACCC has published a list of vehicles that are currently under active recall. If your vehicle is under active recall, then you should contact your supplier to arrange replacement of the affected Takata airbag as soon as possible. Suppliers will provide instructions on their website to assist consumers.

The compulsory recall requires all suppliers of vehicles with defective Takata airbags to recall the vehicles. This will include vehicles made by Ford, GM Holden, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda, as well as those vehicles that have had a like-for-like replacement Takata airbag and newer models that have yet to be recalled.

Details of these additional recalls will be published on the Product Safety website by April 2018 at the latest, or as and when suppliers initiate a recall.

Consumers should subscribe to receive updates about future recalls on our website. You will also be able to check your supplier’s website from 1 July 2018 for a detailed list of active and future recalls.

Check our FAQ for Takata airbag recalls for further information.

We have also published detailed information on what suppliers should do.