NSW: Don’t be a bunny with safety


Before heading away for Easter holidays consumers are being encouraged to hop-to-it and return or discard any products that may have been recalled or deemed unsafe.

Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said safety warnings or recall notices had been issued for a number of popular products over the last few weeks.

“Faulty products can pose serious or even life-threatening injuries or harm to consumers,” Mr Stowe said.

“In early March, a safety warning was issued by NSW Fair Trading about portable ‘lunchbox’ type butane gas cookers. Due to faulty safety shut-off valves the cookers are prone to overheat and could explode.

“While lunchbox type cookers have been withdrawn from sale nationwide, many people still do have them at home as they are a popular and low-cost product.

“Consumers should refrain from using these cookers and dispose of them in a safe manner.

“Other products that have recently been recalled include a novelty bunny ear headband sold by Target and Target Country stores. Wires were found to protrude through the headband and could cause injury to young children.

“Another recalled item is the Ozito brand portable electric blower which was sold from February 2009 until 26 March 2015. An internal fault was found to potentially damage outer casing, leaving live parts exposed.”

Mr Stowe said more than 40 items had been recalled from sale in the last month.

“There’s a wide range of products ranging from cars, motorcycles, toys and cosmetics that have been recalled in the last month and I’d encourage people to visit the national recall website, www.recalls.gov.au,” he said.

“For public warnings and other recall information specific to NSW consumers should contact NSW Fair Trading by phoning 13 32 20 or logging on to www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au.”

Latest information about the public warning on lunchbox type butane cookers and affected model numbers are available on the Fair Trading website.

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